Your Community – Our Promise

Service — Quality — Value — Satisfaction

Our Promise…Exceptional Customer Service. We believe that customer is not a department , it’s an attitude. We strive to provide the most professional and dedicated service in the Coachella Valley. The best interest of our communities always comes first, as we are dedicated to developing long term relationships. We are a people oriented organization and our team of management professionals ensures that your needs are our number one priority.

Having served the Coachella Valley communities and families for over 43 years allows J&W Management many competitive advantages. It begins with personal service. When you phone our company during regular business hours, you will always speak with a live person, never encountering an automated system. The atmosphere around the office is one of compassion for each other and for each homeowner that we encounter. Our employees understand the importance of each and every experience you have with us and we want you to leave smiling.

Our client first approach is a deeply engrained philosophy that extends to all of our communities regardless of size or location.

We do not manage our communities from behind a desk but do so with personal involvement. We know your community, your owners, your vendors and this knowledge helps us solve issues, save money and improve property values for your community.

Our promise to our communities is to do everything possible to exceed your expectations.

After 43 plus years of putting our communities first, you’ll truly notice the difference with J&W Management.